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Condensation Trays - Heater Trays

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Suffering from unwanted condensation from your air-conditioning unit?

Condensation Removal Tray

HeaterTrays can solve this problem by evaporating the condensation from the collection tray under the split system’s compressor.

The probes sense condensation or rainwater that has accumulated in the tray and energizes the heating element. When the probe senses that the liquid has evaporated, the heating element is turned off.

The electric heating element, together with its condensation sensing probe, fits inside the collection tray as an integrated unit. All electrical terminations are inside an IP55-rated enclosure.

The condensation collection tray is stainless steel, measuring 480 x 400 x 110mm deep, with the heating element and control box fitted to the front.


  • The heating element is rated at 240V/ 1000W/ 4.5amp

  • The heating element is rated at 240V/ 2400W/ 9amp

Ideal for high-rise buildings with limited space.

  • The enclosure is IP55 rated with weatherproof flexible conduit entry, and termination is by a 1-meter lead with a 3-pin plug.

  • The evaporation rate is one liter per hour (for 1kW unit) this may vary depending on atmospheric conditions.

  • The condensation tray is stainless steel 480 x 400 x 110mm deep.

  • Element safety cover fabricated from perforated stainless steel.

The Heater Trays conform to health and safety standards in accordance with Plumbing Industry Commission - Section 7 part E.


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