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Hisense Australia Residential e-Catalog 2024

Check out the latest Residential Catalog from Hisense, with its great range of products for larger jobs.

Hisense Residential e-Catalog 2024
Download PDF • 2.74MB

Why Hisense?

Top Stability

  • Ensure voltage fluctuation stability down to 176V.

  • Ensure reliability in ultra-low temperature and long piping by testing compressor oil viscosity.

  • Ensure PCB heat transfer reliability by the PCB refrigerant cooling design. Outdoor temperature can reach up to 52℃.

  • Ensure drainage reliability by standard float switch for Slim Duct, MSP Duct, HSP Duct, Compact Cassette, and Cassette.

  • Ensure drainage is smooth by standard built-in pump for Slim Duct, MSP Duct, HSP Duct, Compact Cassette, and Cassette.

  • Ensure the system does not exceed the design pressure with a high-pressure protector and low-pressure protector.

  • Ensure no dripping in high humidity conditions by anti-condensation smart control.

  • Ensure no overflow from the drain pan by the big drain pan design, when the water from the drain pipe is returned it suddenly powers off.

  • Ensure the stability in extra-low heating by compressor E-heater and bottom e-heater.

Faster & Flexible Installation

  • Easy Cardboard for Cassette, can help install the indoor unit fast.

  • The double 3-way stop valves, no matter whether built inside or outside, can help to vacuum fast.

  • The compact design of the indoor units and outdoor units can help to carry and install easily.

  • The suction grille can be adjusted in any direction. And the appearance looks just the same.

  • The rear suction and bottom suction of the duct unit can be adjusted at the project site.


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