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November 22 Newsletter

This Month

We're constantly looking at ways to better service

our customers, so we now offer delivery of large

parts, such as ducting, condensers, and


Last month saw us host our first tools trade show

for Major Tech. This was a successful morning with

the opportunity to see some of their new products.

We hope you have a great month.


The CoolParts Team

We Deliver!

If you have a large job and need your parts delivered, we can do it for you!

This is a perfect option for air conditioning ducting, condensers, and evaporators.

If you're requiring large parts to be delivered give our team a call today.

Major Tech Trade Show Success

On October 20, CoolParts hosted a Major Tech Tools trade show, which saw the brand

showcase some of its best-selling tools. Gary Shaw, Major Tech General Manager, was

in-store chatting to customers about different tools and equipment available through Major Tech.

The best-selling tool of the day was the 'Professional 50m Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth'. If you're in need of updating your tools head to our online store.

If you missed the display, don't worry, we have a Major Tech display and catalogs available in-store. In addition to our online shop.

Order Your Tools Online

With it being the busiest time of year now is the perfect time to start using our online store to order your tools and parts, ready for pick up or


Click here to visit our online store.

If you're a current CoolParts account holder please email or call 07 5443 7630 to request a login with your pricing.

Increased Freight Costs

For the second month, we have been informed by many brands that they will be increasing the cost of many products due to increased fuel and freight costs.

So far, we are seeing an increase in the cost of:

  • Gas

  • Flex

  • Duo Duct BTO Fittings

  • Pipe insulation

As always, we will keep you up to date on product price increases. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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