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June 22 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This month

We are fast approaching the End of the Financial Year, making it the perfect time to update your tools to take advantage of the tax benefits and get ready for the new business year! This month's newsletter covers some great new HVAC&R products.

Leading into a typically quieter period, now is also a good time to get up-to-date on industry regulations. In this newsletter, we look at the new guidance for refrigerant selection and potential changes to Australian Standards access.

We hope you have a great month!

From The CoolParts Team

Specialists in airconditioning and refrigeration wholesale.


New Refrigerant Selection Guide

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) has released a new guide to refrigerant selection, Guidance Note 37. This guide will provide a detailed overview of points to consider when selecting refrigerants, especially in regards to trying to meet net-zero targets.

The new Guidance Note is particularly important to equipment owners and operators making purchase decisions that influence the selection of refrigerant and equipment being installed. The new guide recommends using a refrigerant with the lowest GWP possible. The IOR recommends that systems and equipment should only be installed using refrigerants that have a GWP of more than 300 (Medium/high GWP) when a low-GWP option with better efficiency isn't available.

This means that systems using high GWP refrigerants shouldn't be installed unless there is no lower GWP alternative available. If current equipment using a refrigerant with a GWP greater than 300 is currently being used, a plan should be made to replace the system at the end of its life with a lower GWP refrigerant.

With the ongoing phase-down on HFC refrigerants having an impact on the availability

of higher GWP refrigerants, as well as some bans under national regulations, there are good commercial and environmental reasons to move to low GWP refrigerants.

To read the full Guidance Note 37 click here.

Chat to us in-store to find out what refrigerants we recommend for your equipment and application.

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Petition For Access to Free Standards

With the steeply increasing cost of running a business, access to free or affordable Australian Standards would be a welcome change for many business owners.

A recent Federal House of Representatives petition for affordable Australian Standards has received support from the Master Builders Association. Currently, Australian Standards are restricted to tradespeople and organizations through a private entity. These standards are becoming increasingly expensive and access increasingly restrictive. They are essential to ensure the safety and operability of our services,

sometimes multiple standards are required for one job. Many of the people requiring access to these standards are sole traders who cannot support these overheads.

The petition requests stronger oversight and mandates to the organizations controlling access to Australian Standard to make them readily available for free or at a reasonable cost to all people who require them to perform their duties.

The petition has received over 22,500 signatures and will soon be presented in the House of Representatives. We hope the petition will see a sustainable change for small business owners.

To read the petition click here.

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Fully Automatic Charging - Fully Simple

Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale with Intelligent Valve

The Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale makes charging refrigeration systems and heat pumps simple. The scale and intelligent valve enable automatic charging according to the target valve, working with Testo's digital manifold and Smart App for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Automatic & precise refrigerant charging according to target superheat, subcooling & weight thanks to the intelligent valve.

  • Wireless connection & operation with Testo manifolds & Testo Smart App via Bluetooth.

  • All measured values for the charging

process at a glance with storage of the measured data in the Testo Smart App.

  • Particularly handy thanks to its compact housing, low weight, practical carrying handle & sturdy shoulder bag.

  • Compatible with digital manifolds Testo 557s/550s/550i and Testo 557/550

Pre-orders are available now, with the stock arriving in-store within the next few weeks! Give us a call at (07) 5443 7630 to get yours today!

On Sale Now!

New 8CFM Vacuum Pump with RunQuick Oil Change System

  • On-the-fly oil change in seconds

  • In-line four-port manifold for easy access

  • Backlit oil reservoir to view condition of oil and system

  • A2L Class Refrigerant suitable (R32, R1234yf...)

  • Simple-to-use gas ballast with LED indicator

  • Water-resistant to withstand direct rain (IP24)

  • 15 micron ultimate vacuum

  • 8CFM, 225 i/m

  • Soft Start motor

Was $1,099 now $889 + GST until June 30, 2022

Click here to read more about the 8CFM Vacuum Pump

New to Hire or Buy!

Testo 420 Air Flow Hood

The new volume flow hood testo 420 is the light, precise and convenient solution for regulating volume flows at larger air intakes and outlets. At swirl outlets in particular, the flow straightener significantly reduces the usual measurement errors.

This allows users to fulfill hygienic Indoor Air Quality guidelines and stipulations in ventilation and air conditioning systems quickly and precisely.

  • Lightweight at less than 2.9kg

  • Flow straightener significantly reduces common measurement errors at swirl outlets

  • Fast set-up, easy handling, and convenient operation via the testo Smart App

  • Measurement, documentation, and sending of reports in conjunction with the testo 400

  • Click here to visit the website

  • Download the Data Sheet

Available to hire for $150 + GST for 24 hours.

Purchase for $4,199 + GST (until June 30, 2022)

If you purchase before 31 July 2022 you get a free additional hood of your choice, available via redemption!

Come in-store to check it out or give us a call at (07) 5443 7630 to hire or purchase today!

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