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New Hisense Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner

Hisense has recently released a new Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner. This is an ideal solution when an individual indoor air conditioning unit is required for each room, the system allows one outdoor unit to be connected up to a wide variety of 2, 3, 4, 5 indoor units, including wall-mounted, low static bulkhead duct.

Hisense Multi-Head Split Air Conditioner
Multi-Head Split Air Conditioner

The Hisense Muti-Head Split System Air Conditioner have some great features:


  • Low voltage (176V)

  • Anti-corrosive Gold Fin

  • Chassis & bolt anti-corrosion

  • PBC with insect prevention

  • Refrigerant leak detection

  • Intelligent defrost

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • 1 Pa adjustment

  • Service window

  • Pump down

  • Hi-Checker

  • RJ45 plug for DRED PCB

  • Indoor unit show outdoor error code


  • Fast cooling

  • 4D auto-swing

  • I Feel


  • Float switch

  • Narrow depth & slim height

  • Inner high lift pump

  • Easy installation

Energy Saving

  • Full DC inverter

  • Eco mode

  • Smart Energy management


  • Service window- cooling lock

  • Multiple control solution

  • Easy storage


  • WiFi control

  • ConnectLife App

To find out more about the new Hisense Multi-Head Split Air Conditioner, click here to download the product brochure


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